Platinum Package

Ceramic Pro Platinum Package For Serious Car Lovers

The Platinum Package has the benefit of a complete exterior & interior protection. 4 layers of 9h & 1 layer of light as a top coat is applied on paint work & plastics. Wheels are removed to coat the full alloy wheel along with brake calipers & exhaust tips. All exterior glass is coated with ceramic pro rain. Interior includes fabrics, plastic, vinyl, rubber, leather.  Finally door, boot sills & petrol cap area.


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  • Detail wash
  • Decontamination
  • 1 Stage Swirl mark removal ( machine polishing up to 95% )
  • 1 Stage Gloss enhancement ( machine polishing )
  • 4 layers of 9h on paintwork & plastics ( up to 4 micron coating thickness )
  • 1 layer of ceramic pro light as top coat
  • 1 coat ceramic pro wheel & caliper (full alloy & Calipers)
  • 1 coat ceramic pro rain on side & back glass
  • 2 coats of ceramic pro rain on windshield
  • Exhaust tip coating
  • 2 coats of ceramic pro leather
  • 1 coat of ceramic pro plastic & rubber surfaces
  • 1 coat ceramic pro textile on fabric seats & floor mats
  • 1 coat ceramic pro light on door, boot sills & petrol cap area

 Maintenance Kit  £100

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