PPF & Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coatings

What is Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl Ceramic Coatings ?

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is a clear, multi-layerable, nano-ceramic liquid coating that, when cured, will transform itself on the surface to a slick, flexible glass shield. The coating forms a chemical bond with the film that allows all of the empty pores on the surface to be filled, creating a brand new layer of protection. This new product from Ceramic Pro is not the same as their industry leading Ceramic Pro 9H or the Light product…this has been completely reengineered to bond with PPF (Paint Protection Film) and wrap vinyl. It adheres better to films and is better suited than the 9H product for any kind of vinyl protection work.

The complete Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl protection program involves using a base coat and a top coat. Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is the base coat. This is then layered with PPF & Vinyl Top. The final layer is slightly softer than the main base protection coat. This allows for higher gloss and a deep wet look.

  • Paint Protection Film, Gloss & Matt Wrap
    From £225 per coat
    Ceramic pro ppf & Vinyl can be multi layered for a more durable protection against the elements.

    Gloss ppf & vinyl wrap

    • Detail wash
    • Decontamination
    • 1 Stage machine polish
    • Choose number of layers

    Matt wrap

    • Detail wash
    • Dcontamination
    • Choose number of layers

    Please note prices are from & wrapped areas only

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Ceramic Pro has been officially tested by “SGS” – www.sgs.com SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company